Pour Me Another

Washington is well known for its contribution to the micro-brewering industry. With so many small to medium size brewers it’s easy to find a unique taste and a good time all across the state. However, when I want to quench my thirst with a truly unmatched experience I find my way to Urban Family Brewing Company. Located in the commercial district of Magnolia’s fisherman’s terminal it provides a sense of proper disconnect from everything else. When my Uber Eats driver dropped off my meal he asked, “is this your workplace or living place?” I responded, “it’s my drinking place” and he smiled almost hinting he wanted to park and join in. Needless to say, the industrial feel of this brewery meets the traditional feel of tasting beer at the source. Some enjoy water direct from a glacier or a geyser, I prefer my beer exactly where it’s made. 

Urban Family is essentially a brewery in a warehouse with the front end converted to a taproom, but it would be a mistake to let that deter you. In the background there are brewing silos and stacked kegs, in the front of the building a large wooden door that looks like it belonged to a micro castle. The in between is your sweet spot. The taproom has tons of seating from tables to booths and bar tops. The tap wall is full of options and a large chalk board displays the days liquid gold. With a large projector display many games can be enjoyed with some delicious brew and as you noticed from earlier it’s BYOF. They offer complimentary pretzels and water, but if needing a bit of substance feel free to pack a lunch or order out. This brewery is also family and pet friendly which provides a more neighborhood feel and a very welcoming environment. The bartenders are always knowledgeable and the owners are friendly and social. 

My beer pallet ranges across the board so I usually like to try as much as I can. The sampler option here is perfect. I usually let the bartender pick out my first four and have yet to be disappointed. Unlike many breweries, you could potentially not try everything because there are more than ten beers available for sipping. I am not an IPA fan, but they make them drinkable with more flavorful notes and their specialties include but not limited too sours, saisons, and DIPA. I won’t break down a review of each beer simply because my explanation would be novice, but I will say I’ve always ordered a second of whatever I try and will continue to go back to this place. It would be great to have them tapped in bars everywhere however there is a bit of magic when enjoying their beer right at the source.  

Give it a try at Urban Family Brewing Company. 

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