Has Starbucks Grown Too Big? I Don’t Think So

The coffee bean is a popular currency in Seattle. As a new comer to the city I felt at home finding a Starbucks on every corner. Now before I continue, I know there are many different views on the company and I hear many people commenting on the cup of joe so heavily recognized, but this isn’t about their company or their political directions. This article is about my favorite Starbucks location that exemplifies your neighborhood coffee shop regardless of the name on the door. 

I work in the quaint village of Magnolia, a well known neighborhood of Seattle Proper, where homes can be grandiose and tiny on the same block. However, they will never be less than $500k anymore. This small penensula has lots to offer from the famous Discovery Park to the Ballard Locks. Amongst the rolling hills of staggering homes is a two block village with boutique shops and restaurants rarely visited by outsiders to the community. To no surprise, you can find a Starbucks on the corner of the village which is a frequent stop for all residents. Retirees grabbing a tall drip and a paper, mothers meeting up after dropping the kids at school, business men and women looking for a place to focus, no matter the time of day you will find all types of traffic at this location. For me, the best part is making the stroll through the village and saying hello to the locals. Once I walk in to Starbucks I am reminded I’m very much a regular in the village as well. In three years I have seen a typical rotation of employees but it doesn’t take long to feel like it is still the same familiar coffee crew.

Many times a week, sometimes a day, I stop in to grab a bite or a just a drink and there is never a time where a quick chat or a long conversation doesn’t occur. It’s the community water tank and chatter is constantly buzzing overhead. The staff is always customer focused and the courtesy is unmatched. As a frequent flyer of Starbucks I visit many locations and I often miss the sense of connection my Magnolia crew instills with its customers.

If your ever out wondering in Seattle or heading to Discovery Park, hunt down the village and find Starbucks. They have plenty of seating inside and out and will always make you feel at home.

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