Time for the Pumpkin Patch

“Why Seattle? It rains so much there!” You’ve probably heard this before, but truth is Seattle gets a perfect dosage of all seasons. Winters are cold, and snow falls in much of the state. Spring is colorful and vibrant from the city to the mountains. Summer is warm with crowds of tourist and locals enjoying the great outdoors. The personal favorite, Fall, is cool and damp with a natural desire to cozy up with a warm beverage. The Fall Solstice has arrived and the thought of the seasons popular festivities comes running through. Whether you are a local or visiting there are many activities to enjoy and plunge into this comfortable season. Pumpkins, corn mazes, tractor rides, and warm cider are a popular way to partake.

Across the state there are hundreds of farms that grow pumpkins where you can cut your choice pumpkin right off the vine. Over the years we have only touched the surface of all the farms, but the few we have were worth the trip. Bob’s Corn Maze is the top of the list. Originally, we were attracted here by a huge square footage of pumpkin varieties to choose from and we were quickly surprised of the long list of activities to enjoy.

We warmed up with a hot cup of apple cider while we wondered the Country Store full of delicious treats. Candy, jarred goods, and fresh vegetables to name a few. Then we tasted the seasonal best of pumpkin pie and pumpkin flavored mini donuts. Next, was a tasty hot roasted corn on the cob. We didn’t get a chance to try the BBQ and many other sweets but we were on a taste bud rush with our first indulgences.

In our childhood we visited many pumpkin patches, most of which located in a supermarket parking lot with minimal kids rides and transported pumpkins. When visiting Bobs Corn we were shocked to find the apple cannon. That’s right a cannon that shoots apples. As silly or childish as it sounds the amount of adults partaking will make you join in the fun. Purchase a bucket of apples, load one of three air compression cannons, aim at the festive fall targets and pull the trigger. As a small recoil kicks back the cannon your apple launches fast across several yards either exploding against a target or whizzing passed into the fields around. Though the cannon brings a smile to your face the ultimate attraction is a huge corn maze. A real corn field overgrown to stand over 8ft tall you can get lost and find your way through it. Groups huddle together to figure out the best path and fun facts listed throughout the maze to help you decide which turn to make. The map is a must, unless you have a photographic memory, this maze is large enough to keep you walking around for hours. You can also rent a fire pit and have a corn maze hangout, or simply take in the beauty of fall in the pacific northwest farm style. We ended our trip with a tractor ride and a wheel barrel to pick out a few pumpkins.

Many other pumpkin patches offer similar activities and some different. One of our first patches had a massive pumpkin catapult launching large pumpkins a hundred feet in the air and landing with a splat driving hundreds of observers and cheers at the event. No matter which location you choose you are sure to have a excellent choice of locally grown pumpkins and a guaranteed rush of Fall’s feelings. Within an hour from the city taking this partial day trip to enjoy the beginning of Fall, Bob’s Corn Maze is an excellent choice. You don’t need to have children to enjoy this experience as it makes for a great date or fun day for visitors only in town for a couple days. If you want to see more info on this specific location go here.┬áIt may be a little damp so be ready for mud, rain boots or old shoes are highly recommended.



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