An Errand Worth Running

As many can relate, the laundry list of to-do’s seems to grow before it shrinks so why not make it a list of enjoyable tasks. For at least one item on the list you can find yourself at one of many farmers markets across the city. One in particular sparks our attention every Sunday in the West Seattle neighborhood of Seattle.

Running year round and starting at 10am every Sunday, we head out for the market starting at the California & Alaska Junction where the streets are closed off for all the vendors to set up their tents. With only a small list of must buys we always bring along an extra bag because we never leave with only what we intended to purchase. You never know what new items may be available each week making it an adventure.

First order of business is grabbing a quick breakfast delight. Either the fresh made breakfast sandwich or the savory empanadas. Either one starts our market adventure off right. With a satisfied appetite we tackle the grocery list. The basics include TMT Enumclaw farm eggs, fruit from Collins Family Orchards , and veggies. However, we usually end up with delicious Ellenos greek yogurt, speciality cheeses by Samish Bay, and a new bottle of wine or cider from Rockridge Orchards. During our latest visit to this market we discovered a unique vendor offering a jar of only the best ingredients. We sampled their Uncle Winston’s Aussie Style Tomato Relish by Seattle Canning Co. A mouthful is right, but so delicious. Taste great with chips, layered on breakfast eggs, and even burgers. This all around useful mixture is my favorite find this week. We were fortunate enough to speak with the owner who gave us an opportunity to try a mystery jar of pickles and peppers. Another delicious pick!

Many of the vendors are repeat which makes for a simple experience when needing specific items, but there are always new vendors or new products being offered. The experience is for anybody who need fresh organic ingredients for their next culinary attempt, or if your looking to purchase a piece of the locally made culture. Even if you are not in need of anything the simple joy of wandering the market with a warm cup of coffee and people watching is a relaxing way to immerse yourself into being a local.






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